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Mold Inspections:
When you suspect that you might have mold in your home, trust the experts at Cleveland Healthy Homes to fulfill your needs. A complete evaluation will be conducted to identify the problem, assess the damage and advise on how to correct the problem. Finally, we eliminate what that problem caused - MOLD.

Air Purification:
As leaders in the remediation and decontamination field, we offer one of the safest methodologies for cleaning and purifying a home of allergens, airborne mold spores, mildew, chemicals, gasses from new carpets, mycotoxins and other toxic compounds that can pollute an indoor environment. Using high concentrations of pure ozone, through a process we call “Ozone Shock Treatment,” Cleveland Healthy Homes' technicians are able to take the ozone levels to a level that eliminates these harmful pollutants and leaves your home, office or vehicle with a fresh, clean indoor environment.

Mold Remediation:
Our exclusive process allows us to penetrate every square inch of your structure, eliminating dangerous bi-products of molds and their toxins. Active mold spores left behind from removed mold colonies can cause new outbreaks within days. Unlike other processes and systems, the Cleveland Healthy Homes decontamination process removes the mold colonies and purifies the entire indoor environment of mold spores, toxins and other harmful pollutants.

Cleveland Healthy Homes’ technicians have the latest knowledge, craftsmanship and certifications to ensure a healthy, clean indoor environment. From inspecting and detection, to planning and remediation, to teardown and fungicidal application, to air purification and cleanup, Cleveland Healthy Homes provides you with the peace of mind that your indoor environment will be mold-free immediately following the remediation and cleanup.

We Eliminate:
» Molds & Mildew

» Viruses & Germs

» Odors

» Construction Chemical Odors

» Dust Mites

One thing to remember...mold belongs outside, not inside!
If you notice ANY mold in your home, call us immediately before it grows out of control!

Our mold inspection/assessment fee of $25.00 consists of a preliminary assessment regarding the current situation that you have. Then we perform a visual inspection to identify the causes contributing to the problem. After we gather this information, we provide you with the proper recommendations to correct the causes, along with our remediation plan and written estimate. We will then deduct the inspection/assessment fee from the total cost of service if we are hired to do the mold remediation.